How to donate, and how to help in other ways

Traditionally, monasteries have always been dependent not only on the income from their properties, but also on donations, provided by the figure of the donor, the gindak. Long-term commitment and also one-off donations by sponsors will be an integral part of fundraising for the monastery. The fundraising committee are also developing strategies aimed at securing long-term funding from different sources. A bank account has been opened and is in operation, building the funds base necessary for the foundation stages of the monastery project. We are making an open appeal for financial help to all members of the Kagyu-pa Sangha. A full and concerted group effort is being formed and developed, the goal of which is the preservation and propogation of the lineage, for the long-term benefit of Western society and mankind in general.

Lama Wangyal has asked that a plaque be constructed, which will occupy a prominent place in the monastery complex. The plaque will record, in stone, the names of major donors, who are prepared to offer sponsorship at a level of £10,000 or more. It is important to add that as a traditional way of acknowledging the dependency of the monastery on benefactors and the generosity of the Sangha, the plaque does not eclipse the sincere and supportive lesser donations, which the majority of people will be able to afford. Indeed detailed records will be kept of all gifts, and close relationships with sponsors, involving updates on the progress of the project and an open and transparent attitude, are sought by the staff and fundraising committee.

There are several ways in which you can donate.

Please go to the donations page for further details.

Traditionally, monasteries became centres for religious study and played the role of universities, producing abbots, masters, dignatories and ministers for government. Our hope is that, in this time of extremes marked by great advances in science and medicine on the one hand, and increasing mental poverty and unhappiness on the other, the combining together of Western culture and philosophy, with the developed inner science of Buddhism, will greatly benefit the inner and wider community in the global village, which we now all share.